Perfection cheer and Dance Academy believes that there shouldn’t be a difference between an athlete who trains in a gymnastics facility and an athlete that trains in a cheerleading facility. The standards of tumbling are set very high. We have a system set in place that each athlete must pass in order to move onto a higher-level skill. It is our goal that each athlete knows our system and why it’s set in place so that they can move through a steady and healthy progression of skills.


Tumbling requires tremendous strength so that the athlete can safely execute the skill. We have tiny tot tumbling, beginning tumbling, intermediate, and advanced tumbling classes for all ages to join. In these classes athletes can build upon their fundamentals, master their technique of current skills, and safely move up skill levels while avoiding injury and mental blocks.


In all of these classes you can expect your child to begin with a safe warm up, skills drills, proper body position explanations, skills performed by the coach or assistant coach, and spotting of the skill until the child is physically and mentally capable of doing the skill on their own.


Please visit our “Find a Class” tab to help you decide which class best suits your child’s needs.