Without a strong body, there is no such thing as good technique. The cheerleading world is known for coming up with mind-blowing marks of athleticism through the skills that are performed on the competition mat. These skills require a strong foundation of fundamental strength and body control. This can only be built over a period of time. Our gym is passionate about the consistency of our strength building in both aerobic and anaerobic areas of cheerleading. Each class and team practice has a time cut out to build upon the strength the athlete already possesses.


We feel this is important, especially in our industry, because of the high-risk skills the athlete will one day build up to. We offer a “Strength and Conditioning” class that is beneficial for all ages. In this class, we begin with aerobic conditioning so the athletes can get through a competition routine without loosing their energy or coming out too winded. The middle and end is focused on anaerobic conditioning that targets every major muscle group in your body. This is the majority focus of the class so that athletes have the strength to perform skills in a manner that won’t damage their bodies or other’s during stunting.


This class is open to all ages, including adults. If you or your child would like to take a fun first step towards becoming stronger and more confident, please click on our “Try a Class” tab. We’re so confident in our non-intimidating approach to health and fitness that we offer a free trial class!


If you have any questions about our Conditioning and Technique, please call us at (702) 942-7827 or email us at perfectioncheeranddance@yahoo.com