Each month we offer at least one specific skills clinic. Our staff sits down together and analyzes what area our teams and classes could use more focused help on. In the past we have done jump clinics with our certified Cheer Bandz coaches as well as hip-hop clinics with former competitive dancers, and back handspring and tuck clinics with former Level Nine gymnast and UNLV cheerleader.


These camps are a two-hour intensive focus on individual skills that is open to all ages as long as you meet a level of skills set for certain clinics such as the tuck clinics.


Registration fees may vary depending on the training and preparation of the coach or coaches leading the clinic. You can expect the cost to be around the low price of $35. Clinics are always advertised at least two weeks in advanced through our social media pages.


You can follow us for updates on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @perfectioncheeranddance

Twitter: @PCAlasvegas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PerfectionCheerDanceAcademy?fref=ts