So you want to try a class? The first step is to identify what you’re looking for. Do you have tumbling experience? Are you looking to become stronger? How about becoming more flexible? We offer a variety of classes to help you become an all-around talented cheerleader, dancer, tumbler, and athlete. The classes we currently offer are linked here!


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Tumble Level 1 (5-18yrs): This is a startup class for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of tumbling and build upon this knowledge each class. There is no experience necessary. Our primary goal is to help your athlete learn body control with proper technique from head to toe. Your athlete will learn how to master a front roll, cartwheel, round off, backbend, front limber, back bend kick-over, back walkover, front walkover. Your athlete will master level one with each of these skills and be able to do combination skills.

Tumble Level 2 (5-18yrs): Coach approval of Level 1 mastery required. The focus of this class is to work drills to build up the target muscle groups for the perfect back handspring. Your athlete will learn to master a standing back handspring, round off back handspring, series back handsprings, as well as other combination handspring skills. Mastery of these skills will help the athlete’s confidence when moving onto aerial skills.

Tumble Level 3+ (5-18yrs): This class requires coach approval of level 2 mastery. This class is for the level 3 athlete and above ready and able to do airborn & twisting skills. This class will train the body positions for tucks, layouts, and beyond.

 F/S (Flight School) (All Ages):  This class is a must for all flyers. Your athlete will work through an hour-long intensive stretch session that will perfect a flyers body positions. Stretching opens up more room in your body for joints to move and therefor increase your range of motion and blood flow to muscles.

All Star Teams: (Ages 5-18): Please contact our gym for more information on tryouts for our all-star teams.

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